Monday, January 15, 2007

Most turn blind eye to tax cheaters

OTTAWA -- Canadians who cheat on their taxes have little to fear from friends and neighbours who know about their wayward behaviour. The majority of Canadians would not turn a fellow citizen in for cheating on their taxes, reveals a poll commissioned by the federal government. Many of those who would report tax cheating say they would only do so if they were guaranteed anonymity and if a large amount of money was involved, according to a survey conducted for the Canada Revenue Agency. "Canadians are ambivalent about whether or not they would report tax cheating by someone they know to the authorities," says the report, which was conducted by Environics Research Group. "Even if they know for certain that someone is cheating on their taxes, a majority say they would not report this to the authorities, compared to about four in 10 who would do so." About sixty per cent of Canadians say they would definitely not or likely not turn someone they suspect is cheating on his or her taxes, according to the survey.

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