Sunday, December 17, 2006

MP's tax info leaked online

TORONTO -- The confidential tax information of Liberal MP Ken Dryden and several sports personalities is available on the Internet courtesy of federal employees who are illegally leaking the information. Canada Revenue Agency workers are violating the Income Tax Act, the Privacy Act, and possibly criminal law by feeding information to former employee Alan Baggett, who in turn posts the disclosures to an Internet chat group. "He quotes a guy I used to work with on one of my teams," an employee of the Toronto North Taxation Services Office said on condition of anonymity. "I went up to (the employee quoted) and said, 'You're feeding this stuff to Alan Baggett?' and he said, 'Oh, I really don't talk to him any more.' " Baggett's chat group postings are highly critical of the workings of the federal agency, which collects billions in taxpayer dollars, and often reveal confidential tax information gleaned from the files of debt collectors.

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