Tuesday, September 12, 2006

City seeks ways to ease tax rate

Hundreds turned out to oppose Hollywood's proposed 2007 budget, but commissioners had few answers as they debated into the night. BY TODD WRIGHT twright@MiamiHerald.com Hollywood commissioners debated late Monday night on how to cut the city's tax rate to appease a chamber full of angry residents who complained about the city's proposed 2007 budget. Overall, the $327 million budget represents a 7.3 percent, or $24 million, increase from the 2006 budget. About half of the increase came from personnel costs; gas and oil costs also increased. Residents complained about the estimated $14.1 million increase in property tax revenue city coffers would collect, but the budget made no mention of rolling back the rate. The tax rate would increase slightly, and residents would pay more because of higher property values.

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